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C'est bon! Nous sommes à Paris

C'est bon! Nous sommes à Paris

So I am finally in Europe and it has definitely been a trip!

I left Newark airport on July 27th and had a layover the next morning in Iceland and I definitely recommend people check it out! Even though I only had 10 hours to explore, it was more than enough time to book a trip to the Blue Lagoon. This magical place is only 20 minutes from the airport and it was perfect after the long flight over. They give you some nice masks to try out and a free drink of your choice! (Of course I went with some bubbly deliciousness). It was a very relaxing experience that helped me recuperate and gave me strength to continue on my way to Paris, where I met up with my brother.

We stayed at a cute little hostel right outside the center of Paris in Zone 2. The owners are Korean and keep the place spotless, which just made our stay even more enjoyable. We got a hefty breakfast in the mornings and when we came back in the afternoons our beds were made. The location also included free WiFi and was located a block away from the metro line 7.

On our first day my brother and I were extremely ambitious: Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triumph, walked down the Champs d’Elysee, Musee de Louvre, Notre Dame, and Quartier Latin. (Yes our feet were swollen afterwards) But of course we didn’t stop there! after a break and a nap we went to see the light show at the Eiffel Tower. Probably more of a romantic setting, many people go to this light show as couples, but this dynamic duo definitely did alright. After much bargaining this girl got two beers for 4 euros, and I enjoyed them as we waited for the show. It was really an amazing sight. We were so tired all we wanted to do was get safely to bed.

The next day we were tired but it did not prevent us from getting ready and heading out to Disneyland Paris. We turned back the clock, and we were 14 and 12 for the day! (gotta keep the two-year age difference) As we arrived at the gates of this wonderland we planned what rides we wanted to try, mapped out what shows we wanted to attend, and of course what we should have for late lunch! Thankfully, Disneyland allows its visitors to bring snacks and drinks from the outside which was great because our backpack was filled with fruit and water. We visited sleeping beauty’s castle, watched as some pirates overtook a Spanish villa, we took pictures with Goofy and Pluto, and even attended a Frozen sing-a-long! (Of course I “Let it Go” and sang my heart out) We then switched over to the more grown up side and went to more thrilling rides such as Tower of Terror and Rock’n’Roll rollercoaster. We ate some sandwiches which were not great, but hey I’m in Disneyland so don’t complain! We stayed late enough to watch the light show and then caught a late night train back. It definitely was a magical day. (wave pretend wand)

On the third day we got off to a late start. After a late breakfast at our hostel, we showered and headed into the city. We first went to the cemetery to pay our respect to some of the great people buried there. Of course we visited Jim Morison’s grave, but we then tried to find graves and got lost. We decided to just have a small picnic instead while admiring all the graves and called it quits. We then headed to Sacre-Couer where we made our way down the small crowded streets to the steps up to the basilica. They steps definitely challenge our physical stamina and forced us to nearly finish our water! Definitely much-needed exercise. We rested and enjoyed the sun before heading down to check out the Moulin Rouge. As we walked we passed the numerous stores that boast scandalous lingerie and sex toys as well as, bars that promise a show you will never forget. After the walk we decided to find a cheap bar to sit down and enjoy a drink (and by we I mean I wanted to drink). We headed down to Bassin de la Villete where we found a haven of sorts for the locals who wish to escaped the heat. The Bassin was filled with locals trying to find comfort in their vacation months within the city. There were zumba classes, ice cream stands, lounge chairs, and playing in the water. We strolled around and then called it a day but not before we bought a baguette to eat on our way home.

On our last day we strolled around areas that not usually visited by tourists. We went to Parc de Buttes-Chaumont were we enjoyed a small lunch and just lounged as we observed the Parisians go about their days; we even witnessed a wedding. Afterwards, we checked out the Cite des Science and Parc de la Villete, where again, the Parisian escape during a hot summer day. This nice area boasted something we had not yet seen in Paris, free WiFi in a public setting. We stopped and bought ice cream and enjoyed this little gift before we moved on to check out our last point, Place de la Bastille.

And thus we concluded our Paris trip with some much deserved rest before we embark on yet another adventure, Montpellier!

Conference in Montpellier

Conference in Montpellier