New friends in Milan

We took a bus from Florence to Milan (using Eurolines the tickets were about 19 euros each), and it took us about 3 hours to get there. A metro and bus away, we thought that we were in the home stretch, but little did we know that we were looking ahead at one of the longest days we have had in our trip. Because we decided to not get an international cell phone plan we were limited to only being able to use our phones with wireless. And yes, wireless is extremely hard to find sometimes especially in a city like Milan, where in August, EVERYONE GOES ON VACATION!

10 Things to do in Florence

After our trip to Montpellier, we headed over to Florence. Our mode of transportation: bus (not thrilled about the 10 hour bus ride, but hey it was cheap). The ride was also overnight so we mostly just slept through it. We did stop a couple of times twice at gas stations, and once we got stopped by border patrol to check for drugs (they obviously did not find any). We arrived in Florence and headed to our AirBnB and its was just a bus ride away from the city center. That night we planned out our way into the city for the next day. We did some good old sightseeing and took a crazy amount of pictures.

Conference in Montpellier

So our trip continued from Paris to Montpellier. Our mode of transportation: carpooling or as the europeans call it "BlaBlaCar". The car was a small Fiat and we were pretty much squished into our seats and held there by gravity and by our own sweat making us stick to our seats. Yeah it was pretty hot. Not to mention that the air in the car seemed to not circulate. After a 20 hour car ride (which was meant to be a 7 hour car ride) we finally made it to Montpellier, and to the door room where I was gonna stay for the conference. Rewind: I was accepted to present a poster at an international conference for the Society for Conservation Biology. Thus, here I was ready to present. One small issue though: I dragged my brother with me so we had to manage and sleep in this small twin size bed. Dark times. But we did it!

C'est bon! Nous sommes à Paris

So I am finally in Europe and it has definitely been a trip!

I left Newark airport on July 27th and had a layover the next morning in Iceland and I definitely recommend people check it out! Even though I only had 10 hours to explore, it was more than enough time to book a trip to the Blue Lagoon. This magical place is only 20 minutes from the airport and it was perfect after the long flight over. They give you some nice masks to try out and a free drink of your choice! (Of course I went with some bubbly deliciousness). It was a very relaxing experience that helped me recuperate and gave me strength to continue on my way to Paris, where I met up with my brother.