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Crêpes everywhere!

So when you think of France, do you automatically think food? Some people might think about the fashion, champagne, or the iconic buildings (think Eiffel tower), but not me! I think of food! The french food is famous and it has been deemed by UNESCO as a "world intangible heritage". Now, they didn't deem a specific plate important, rather the culture revolving french food. Here in France they make it a point to enjoy their dinner with friends and family (it's a big deal!). Now some people may think "well Americans have that too! Are you forgetting Thanksgiving?", and the answer is no, I am not forgetting about Thanksgiving. But think how amazing it would be having Thanksgiving every two weeks? Rotating where you are having it every two weeks... Yeah that is the French gastronomic meal. Voila! Your mind has been blown. You are very welcome.